Terms and conditions

Due to high demand we have a minimum spend of £400.00 for our styling services not including any delivery costs

– Preview of clients designs are only offered with full styling services.

– We cannot book any quotations into our schedule without receipt of the 20% deposit following quote or any preview stage offered

– Items are only hired for one day and can be delivered by The Whole Sch-bang at our discretion – any delivery required 2-3 days prior to your event will have to be charged for at additional hire costs

– if any details are missing or incorrect on the quotation/invoice it is the responsibility of the hirer to inform us for a revision of the quotation

-Final payment is required 6 weeks prior and following a final meeting with us. Bookings made less than 6 weeks require full immediate payment in order to book this within our system

– All goods on hire shall remain the property of the whole Sch-bang any Items missing or damaged will be recharged to the hirer at full replacement cost

-While the goods are on hire the hirer has sole responsibility and shall be responsible for the goods on hire from the Time of acceptance  until the goods have been collected/or returned to the owner.

– The owner shall not be responsible for any injury or damage to persons or their property,  however sustained, arising from the goods on hire. Children must be supervised at all times around items on hire.

– We will endeavour to ensure we get exactly the items stated however there are at times that items such as flowers may not be the exact tone required in which we may need to substitute in variety and colour- we will ensure these are closely matched to achieve original design

– In cases such as governmental factors of raising VAT amounts this increase may need to be added to existing quotes

–  Cancellations must be advised in writing to us first response in email then as written. The  20% deposit is non refundable. Due to high booking demand and dates secured in which we may refuse enquiries we reserve the right to hold 50% of the quote cost at 6 months prior and 75% of the quote cost at 3 months prior 95% following this term due to items now not being able to be rehired out.

– We will happily accommodate changes in numbers. However occurrences when this is at 7 days prior will not be eligible for a refund. Any additional costs would require full immediate payment.


Mobile: 07411143521
The Loft Studios, 257 Shields Road, Pelaw, Gateshead, NE10 0QD


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